IT band roller

IT band roller

IT band roller

IT band roller

What Is An IT Band Roller Used For?

An IT band roller is an awesome way to relive pain that people have who suffer from soft tissue injury. The it band roller helps to stretch the muscles and break down scar tissue. Exercises that use these band rollers are specifically designed to relieve pain even though they can be painful to perform. Most people find that the it band roller exercises can allow you to properly stretch your muscles following an injury. Some people even attest to the fact that these type of stretches are the most useful for quick muscle recovery and healing.

How to use IT Band Roller for Pain

In order to alleviate pain, you will need to take the roller, place it on the floor and lie down on your side on the roller. Position the roller immediately below your hip region with the top leg in line with the roller. If this position is too painful, you can take the top leg and bend the leg so that it is in front of you. This will take some of your body weight off and give you more balance while performing the exercise.

Support using your hands is critical for this type of exercise, and you can roll from your hip all the way down to your knee, being sure to slow down to a pause when you start to roll over any sore spots. The exercise should be repeated 3 times before you switch to the other side.

Runners are the most prone to it band injuries, and armed with the knowledge from this article, you can quickly relieve pain in soft tissue muscle injury through the use of an it band roller.

Some runners complain about feeling “locked up” in the area around your knees. This can be caused by one of two problems. The problem could be with your iliotibial band or IT band. The IT band runs on the outside of your thigh starting from your pelvis and runs all the way down to your shinbone. Your butt and hips are attached to this IT band which can create difficulty in diagnosing this problem because a painful feeling around your knee could actually be signs of trouble in your hip area where the IT band is.

The ideal scenario for exercising is to be completely pain free before during and after your workout routine. However, if proper stretching is not done before and after strenuous exercises, the possibility of injury especially to the IT band increases exponentially.

If you are a runner or feel your body is not as flexible as it once was, be sure to buy an IT band roller because it will come in handy if you happen to put a strain on this area of the body. Just remember, when doing IT band exercises, slow movements are best and pausing on the sore area will help to relieve the tension and aid in the process of a quick recovery.

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